Press before the LAUNCH!

societe perrier


I am featured today on the Dubai page of the website Societe Perrier. Read the article here!¬†They are running a series of interviews with the selected Capsule Arts’ artists in lead-up to the big launch this Thursday night. I’ve never had to answer before, “what is your style?” and it’s proven difficult to explain. I think mainly because I have yet to settle into one; I’m definitely still experimenting until I find something I want to remake over and over. I try not to worry about the label to place on my art, and just make individual pieces of art that feel good.

I still love reading and discussing art theory, even though my general conclusion is that theory is only applicable after the fact, and of no use to the practicing artist. If we intentionally made art to fit the realm of the latest movement, wouldn’t the movement then be over!? Something unintentionally “cool” would be taking place elsewhere. Theory belongs in the world of criticism, which, let’s face it, can be counter-productive to producing anything naturally cool. But what is more F-U-N than each of us being an art critic? Shamelessly bashing what we hate, praising for all ridiculous reasons what we love, with any number of contradicting theories to pull from for validation. Come on, let’s go to an exhibition together and crank it all out!




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