Where is my shark?

I am part of an 18 artist collective represented by the newly-formed arts platform based in Dubai, Capsule Arts. They will be launching limited edition prints from selected artists living and working in the U.A.E. (mainly) in September. Stay tuned to see and purchase my prints!

Capsule Arts also runs a journal blog called Where is my Shark? to share ideas and activities relating to art in the region.

The Capsule Art artists- I'm at the top-right.

Source: Capsule Arts

The Capsule Art artists- I’m at the top-right.

Here is my shark…..sorry, Damien Hirst, this one was live.

cage diving shark south africa

Source: jillabon@gmail.com

It was HUGE.

cage diving south africa

Source: jillabon@gmail.com

In the cage…



Source: jillabon@gmail.com

On the edge of danger


Source: jillabon@gmail.com

My incredible husband, Sim


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